Art community wakes from long winter’s nap

Danie Pitre – The Aquinian –

Local artists warm up to to spring with new show at the Blue Door

Winter is over and the arts community in Fredericton is blooming with new talent. Last Saturday, the Blue Door Restaurant, in partnership with the Ingrid Mueller Art Gallery, hosted a showing for emerging artists.

Coming out of winter is a busy time for the art community.

“The winter is hard here and an artist works for a long time toward an exhibit and then if you have it in January and there’s a blizzard and bad weather for three weeks, it’s not really productive,” Ingrid Mueller said.

Marcus Kingston, a local emerging artist, displayed his work at the Blue Door. He said that despite the slow time of year he’s keep on with the creative process.

“Artists never take a break, you’re always creating and thinking,” he said.

And spring is a fitting time to show off emerging talent. Because most of the artists involved in the latest Blue Door show are newer artists, the art has a youthful feel.

Kingston said it can be difficult to begin the process of becoming an artist. However the art community in Fredericton is very supportive.

“There is the stigma,” he said. “People don’t like putting a lot of credit in a new artist because they are experimenting.”

But if you’re in the market to buy a piece of art, investing in a new artist is a good way to start your collection without breaking the bank. You can also claim bragging rights if your new favourite artist becomes big.

While the new artists are toiling to find success, Mueller and other patrons of the arts are helping by creating a community that welcomes them.

“We developed this program together,” she said of the exhibit at the Blue Door. “It’s a good way for artists to see what it’s like to exhibit art commercially.”


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