(Young Joo Jun/AQ)

Harrington Hall celebrated the 30th anniversary of their biggest house event of the year: April 6th Day.

The day started off like any other April 6: get up, get ready, take a shot of Vodka, eat breakfast and then take another shot of vodka — or two.

Every April 6th, expect Harrington to have some bumping music, food, activities and of course, some alcoholic beverages. Even if you’re not a big drinker you’re more than welcome to join in on the day’s activities.

Harrington alumni and A6 Day founder, Jeff London, made a visit to Harrington for the special anniversary, taking a (drunken?) stroll down memory lane.

He walked and talked with current Harrington residents and shared their stories from when they attended St. Thomas University. 

(Young Joo Jun/AQ)

“The thing about April 6th Day is that it’s near the end of the year. It gives you a chance to reflect on the year and think about all the good times you had,” said London.

Memories last a lifetime, and that’s what Harrington tries to achieve with A6 day.

London said A6 Day brings people together and creates new friendships that can lead to lasting ones.

“The most important thing you want to remember is, it is about what comes after this, and that the people you meet when you’re this young you can’t fathom the fact you’ll know these people thirty years from now,” said London.

This year, Harrington hosted activities like karaoke, sobriety tests, Just Dance, a BBQ, life size water pong and a photo booth.

(Young Joo Jun/AQ)

Harrington welcomes anyone to come participate in activities and crack a cold one with the Harrington Raiders.

April 6th Day has gotten mixed reviews, however. Some people love the idea of it, others believe it’s just an excuse to get extremely intoxicated.

But Harrington residents and alumni argue A6 Day isn’t just an excuse to get completely wasted.

“I don’t think it’s fair that April 6th Day gets a bad rep,” said Harrington’s former house president Nikita Spencer. “While people drink, April 6th Day is not about how many drinks you have but rather about spending the day with friends.”