As summer comes to an end and students return to campus, autumn is officially here. (Aaron Sousa/AQ)

As summer comes to an end and students return to campus, autumn has officially arrived. St. Thomas University students share what they like most about the season.

The classic scents

It’s time for Bath and Body Works to take their summer scents off the shelves and replace them with fall favourites.

Jordie Neumann, a fourth-year student, said she loves the smells associated with fall.

“It just reminds me of the feelings of being home all cozy with family,” said Neumann.

Apple cider, pecan pie and crisp leaves, but at the top of the list for Neumann is the smell of pumpkin spice.

“I love pumpkin pie so much,” said Neumann. “So that definitely is my favourite scent of fall.”

Gilmore Girls 

Some students have a TV show or movie that reminds them of a certain holiday or season. For second-year student Grace Haiserty, Gilmore Girls feels like fall.

The early 2000s hit drama-comedy features a mother-daughter duo, fuelled by copious amounts of coffee, as they support each other through the pitfalls of school, career and relationships.

“Every fall I’ll just do a rewatch – all seven seasons,” said Haiserty.

She started a yearly rewatch with her grandmother 11 years ago. Even when her grandmother got tired of the tradition, Haiserty continued watching.

She said Fredericton sometimes reminds her of the small town the show is set in, Stars Hollow.

It’s this really pretty town where everything is super close together and everyone’s super close,” said Haiserty. “That kind of feels like Fredericton sometimes.”

The cold weather

While the cold air makes others long for warmer months, third-year student Libby Crosby enjoys the seasonal change.

“I actually really enjoy that it gets colder,” said Crosby. “I just love wearing sweaters.”

Crosby said her closet consists of sweaters and shorts no matter the season, so she thinks fall weather best suits her style.

Third-year student Reinaldo Cascante agrees with Crosby.

“I don’t enjoy the heat very much,” said Cascante. “I like wearing jackets or just something over my t-shirt, and I like how cozy fall is.”

The family festivities

With holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween coming up, second-year student Regan Pye looks forward to family gatherings.

Pye enjoys getting together with her family every year to take part in festive activities like a hunting run.

“My whole family always gets together each year on Halloween and carves pumpkins and it always turns into this big riot,” said Pye.

The trees changing colour

Fourth-year student Tyler Dupuis enjoys seeing the green on the trees turn to orange, reds and yellows.

“To me, fall is about preservation of nature and preservation of fall,” said Dupuis. “You’re watching planetary boundaries and planetary systems shift.”

Referencing Anne of Green Gables, Dupuis said, “I’m so glad I get to live in a world where there are Octobers.”