Commentary: Connecting with the spirits

Physic medium Shianne Doucette held a reading with features editor Laura MacDonald. (Submitted/Shianne Doucette)

Saturday morning I woke up with a pain in my jaw that I have been experiencing for a few days.

After taking an Advil I got on with my morning and drove to the house of physic medium  Shianne Doucette. 

When I arrived at Doucette’s, she welcomed me in and let me get comfortable on her couch. She sat in a chair six feet across from me and assured me that no matter what came up in my reading I wouldn’t be judged.

“I meditate for a little while, but I’m opening myself up to that divine energy coming from a place of absolute life, love and light,” she said.

I think anyone would feel vulnerable, but when I saw how calm Doucette was, my fears drifted away. 

After the meditation, she was able to connect to my soul crown, which allows her to get a sense of who I am.

“I’m looking at yours, right now … it’s kind of like a piece of a rainbow light descending down into the crown,” she said.

A relative came through that I always called “my great uncle Charlie.” He said this year was a bad potato season. He also said it would’ve been a good season if he was still here, but Charlie also came with another message. 

“Don’t worry about Dad. Don’t worry about Dad,” he said to Doucette.

Things really felt serious when she asked if I was worried about my dad.

I said, “I’m always worried about my parents.”

Charlie’s message felt like a punch. Days prior, after four long years, I finally admitted to my therapist that I worry about my parents worrying about me, especially my dad. 

Charlie said my dad might have some health issues, that aren’t that serious, down the road with his heart. But what took the weight off my shoulders was when Charlie said “Don’t worry about your dad. Don’t worry about your mom.”

Doucette said it was natural to worry about parents but it’s just wasted energy. She told me to connect with the “lovely ribbon of light,” which is an energy that connects us to one another.

“Connect with that and ask that to just send your love and trust, and know that your family members are safe and taken care of.”

Suddenly, the spirits moved to another topic. Doucette touched her face and said, “Have you had any issues with pain around the face?”

The past few days I have woken up with intense jaw pain, which sometimes led to migraines.

Doucette also said there’s energy letting me know that even though I may feel small right now, this energy will allow me to rise up.

“Feel that it’s like a little ember glowing here that’s gonna rise right up,” she said.

 Doucette said a feeling to ask about a relationship came over her, but the spirits said “don’t go there.”

“Oh my God. Go there,” I said.

I won’t air out all of my dirty laundry, but she knew I had a recent break-up and the spirits said to stop talking about it. Still, I did get some peace of mind out of this part of the reading.

“Every relationship we have teaches us about ourselves and what we’re really looking for and what makes sense,” she said. 

Some good news for me is that she could see “this lovely sparkly energy in the distance who is very lovely and definitely a beautiful soul.”

I’m nosey and I had to ask “how far away is this guy?”

Doucette wasn’t sure, but she said as soon as I asked the question she saw a guitar.

“I’ve got my hands in the guitar pose and I’m not letting it go. I would say that would be a very big part of his life,” she said. But she warned me not to get caught up in this detail since it could drive me nuts. 

When I left Doucette’s I felt a sense of calmness I haven’t felt in a while and with the hope the little ember will continue to grow.