Twenty-five Tommies named All-Canadians

Twenty-five St. Thomas student athletes have been named Academic All-Canadians by the CIS. The awards are presented every year to student athletes competing in the CIS who achieve an A-minus, or 80 per cent, cumulative average or higher.

(Andrea Bárcenas/AQ)

“Balancing athletics with school can be difficult when you’re running from classes to practices and games, so it’s nice to be recognized for your hard work,” said fourth-year student and rugby player Kaitlin Gamble. “Being a varsity athlete, I’ve learned to manage my time, which sometimes requires making sacrifices in other aspects of my life.”

Of the 25 St. Thomas student athletes, 11 play hockey and five are members of STU’s cross country team. Eight of them play rugby, and one plays both hockey and golf.

Gamble said she’s taken part in extracurricular activities and sports throughout her academic career, so she’s a seasoned veteran when it comes to time management.

“It can get stressful at times,” she said. “But I have a great support system of friends, family and roommates.”

Second-year student and hockey player Jordan Moore recalled learning the importance of time management when he left home to attend prep school at age of 16.

“Doing work on the road can be tough,” he said. “My goal is to go to law school, so I need to balance studies with hockey.”

(Andrea Bárcenas/AQ)

Moore’s younger brother, Jeff, was also named an All-Canadian for men’s soccer at the University of Prince Edward Island.

“It’s great to share this award with him, because I know the hard work paid off,” said the older Moore. “You need to stay ahead of your work and have good relationships with teachers who can help if you’re on the road or miss class for games.”

Third-year student and cross country member Paul Nozicka said studies have always been a top priority for him.

“Athletics are a close second, and I strive to never neglect either one,” he said. “Membership with any of STU’s teams is a tremendous time commitment and not always easy, but it’s worth it every bit of the way.”

(Andrea Bárcenas/AQ)

Nozicka admits it’s getting harder to balance academics and the track now that he’s working towards his honours, but he said there are other All-Canadians who are busier than he is.

“Those people I look up to, which makes me a proud member of the athletics community.”

Another 24 STU student athletes were chosen as national scholars by the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association. The award is presented every year to students who compete in the CCAA and maintain a high academic standing.
STU’s basketball, volleyball, golf and soccer teams are part of the CCAA. Two basketball players, five volleyball players, 12 soccer players and three golfers from STU were named national scholars. One plays soccer and volleyball, while another plays golf and hockey.
(Andrea Bárcenas/AQ)


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