Two Hours Traffic’s new rythym

Two Hours Traffic released Foolish Blood with a new producer, new lineup and a tighter rhythm section.

“In a rhythmic sense we have new influences like Motown and we steal some tricks from that,” said band front man Liam Corcoron.

The Charlottetown melodic pop band released their fourth full length studio album, Foolish Blood, on Feb. 19. Along with the new album, the band has introduced a more electric sound.


The Foolish Blood tour kicked off in the band’s hometown of Charlottetown, and will be continuing to travel across the country.

Two Hours Traffic will play Fredericton’s Capital Complex Thursday with Coyote, another pop band hailing from Charlottetown.

“We don’t use nearly as much acoustic guitar, we’ve moved more into electric as rhythm guitar and bass and drums have taken center stage.”

“This one is very upbeat, similar to our album little jabs (2007).”

Late last year, Two Hours Traffic released an EP, Siren Spell, which gave listeners a four song preview of the sounds of Foolish Blood.

The band has been produced under the wing of Joel Plaskett since their first self-titled album back in 2005 but the band changed things up for Foolish Blood.

Corcoron and the band handed the reins over to producer Darryl Neudorf who has worked with bands like The Sadies, and the New Pornographers.

“It was time for a change, we don’t know if we are able to make another record, you never know so if this is our last one we had to step outside our comfort zone.”

Corcoron says that Neudorf brought the album to where the band wanted it to be

“We had the songs down, we knew what kind of world we were in so we trusted Darryl and he understood where we wanted to go it and he knew what we wanted.”

The album was recorded in a short time frame in Ontario’s back country at Neudorf’s farm.

“There were no distractions so we worked straight through, something like 12 studio days, basically a song a day which is pretty tight.”

The album and producer isn’t the only new addition to the band. Nathan Gills, the new bassist, has also added to their dynamic.

“He is a great bass player and a great presence, we are having a lot of fun with the new lineup and his personality is meshing well.”

Corcoron says Gill didn’t necessarily change the sound of the new album but has been a great addition.

“We wrote a lot before Nathan was even around he came in when we had had the record basically written. We were moving in a different direction already.”

The band has toured the country several times, but Corcoran says there’s something special about Calgary.

“Calgary is a big one, it’s always a good time and there are so many east coasters out there, it’s like coming home in the middle of the country.”

When Liam and the band aren’t touring and working on new albums, they like taking in some of their own favorite Canadian acts like the British Columbia born indie band, Yukon Blonde.

“I always see them when they are in town, they’re a great indie band, Also Zeus from Toronto.”