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Walking bridge becomes bridge to unity Tuesday

The third annual “Bridge to Unity” inter-faith event hosted by St. Thomas University will take place this Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 7 p.m.

People from every religion are invited to gather at the Robert Burns Memorial Statue near the provincial legislature on Queen Street to pray, sing, read a poem and end the evening linking arms across the Walking Bridge as a symbolic way to resemble unity and bonding fellowship.

“The event responds to the great hope and desire of the human spirit to live in peace and non-violence as one human family bonded in love, and yet rich in diverse expressions of spirituality.” said Janice Ryan, STU’s campus minister.

“The unity is rooted in the recognition of the great wisdom, gift and learning found in all faiths and spirituality.”

Following the prayer and  the music, people will walk to the bridge and hold their hands.

The event is a response to the desire to build a community based in faith, spirituality, peace and love, said Ryan.

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