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Walk among the living dead

My favorite zombie mention of all time was in The Mummy, when one of the actors faked being a zombie so that he could move around in the crowd. So there’s something comforting about being surrounded on all sides by a groaning, moaning, bloodied mass.

This Saturday marked the sixth Fredericton Zombiewalk and Food Drive, but only my second in attendance. I decided to dress up as a zombie journalist and shuffled my way along with 92 registered zombies and a few outliers.

The march through Fredericton raised over four tons of food for the Fredericton Food Bank, despite being rained out the first third of the route.

If you haven’t been before, the Zombiewalk is normally held at the downtown Regent Street Sobeys in the last few months of summer. Remember to bring a food item or some money to donate.

This year’s event featured some great prizes donated from Strange Adventures, Gamezilla, Artful Persuasion, Jack’s Pizza & Donair, Isaac’s Way and more to give to the “zombie” with the best costume and other costume category winners.

It’s too bad if you missed this year’s event because there was even a zombie flash mob to “Thriller,” but on the bright side, you have time to be prepared for next year. Just as a heads up, remember to bring some edible “blood” with you. A geyser of blood really impresses the judges.

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