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Earthbound Trio releases their debut EP (Submitted)
Earthbound Trio releases their debut EP (Submitted)

I first encountered one third of this groovy folk funk band at a late night afterburner during last year’s Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. Everyone was swaying and jumping to the music. Among those jumpers was bass player Orange Bob or Bob Fitzgerald, whichever you prefer.

He had a large stuffed tail pinned to the back of his pants and he kept knocking people over with it. He just kept dancing and laughing, he truly looked like he was having the best night.

Since that last encounter, Fitzgerald along with Dwayne Doucette and Mike Mumble Humble have been busy with their band Earthbound Trio. During the summer months the trio was frequently loading up their band van and hitting up festivals. As winter creeps in, they’ve been booked solid for the bar scene. Along with all the bopping around, the band recently released their EP “Lettuce Turnip the Beet,” and yes, the pun was intended.

The individually funded creation was recorded over a three day growler fueled studio jam.

“We worked really hard and the studio was a lot of fun, but as a band, I think we’re definitely a live band. We’re all about just getting out and playing every weekend,” said Humble, the drummer. “We love playing and seeing fans, sleeping on floors, having laughs and staying up way too late.”

The trio has been around for a few years, but this is their debut EP. They have the ladies in their lives to thank for the motivation to get things going.

“I think the wife in the band was a big catalyst, she was the one who was like okay guys get off your asses. She saw us writing new songs and the live shows getting better and she was like you guys have got to record a CD,” said Humble. “It also helps when you have something to sell at the end of the night instead of whatever the bar gives you.”

The band not only has girl power behind the scenes, but mingled into most of their tracks. Kelly Waterhouse jumped into the groove with her saxophone and vocal talents.

From a first listen, “Lettuce Turnip the Beet” is fun while mixing jazz, folk, funk and reggae. However, their lyrics have the ability to make you think while you dance.

It’s clear the band is socially conscious with songs surrounding environmentalism, consumerism and interracial couples. Also, the tail wearing Bob often has a cheeky message scrawled across his stand-up bass. Currently the words “Stop Harper” illuminate in red on the instrument.

“We’re all very with the shale gas movements and Stop Harper,” said Humble. “Even though they’re kind of heavy subjects in the lyrics, if you’ve got someone’s ears and a microphone then you should be able to tell them something worth listening to. People don’t come to a show to leave feeling bad so we don’t want to do that, we just hope people have a good time and maybe leave thinking a little differently.”

In the future, the band is hoping to make some music videos and continue to play as many shows as possible. The trio also plans to put their money where their mouth is, their goal for next summer is to switch their diesel fueled van to run off of vegetable oil.

“It’s cool and in so many ways, we don’t have to spend a bunch of money and we don’t have to support the Irvings anymore. This is something which we can work towards and teach people that you can do this and you don’t have to buy gas,” said Humble. “Within the community you are able to get the word out about this kind of stuff with music and that’s very important to us and that’s something which keeps us going and growing.”

Get sweaty with EarthBound Trio and The Sticky Bandits on Dec. 6 at the Capital. Doors open at 10 p.m.

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