University makes changes to parking passes, raises price to $94 per year for students

PARKING WOES: Parking problems will get worse when new community college opens (Hady Assouad/AQ)
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In an email to students, St. Thomas University has announced they will increase the price of parking passes, where students can park and where to purchase the passes.

Students purchasing the year long pass will now pay $94. Last year the pass cost $75.

Faculty and staff will also see the price jump from $125 to $144.

The student parking pass will be available at the UNB Security Office in the Wu Centre.

Previously student passes were purchased at the registrars office.

Earlier  this Summer STU’s director of facilities, Bill MacLean, said there will be 100 new spaces added and that he doesn’t expect parking to be a battle.

The new Fredericton campus of the New Brunswick Community College recently opened and the college is expecting 290 students when classes start in September.

But the students at NBCC will be starting their day earlier, so MacLean doesn’t anticipate any extra battles for parking spots.

“Traffic shouldn’t change too much,” he said.

Another change will mean STU, UNB and NBCC pass holders can park in any parking lot on campus “consistent with their pass entitlements (ie., faculty/staff, student or shared parking areas),” according to the email.

Below is the full text of the email from the university.


Notice to Students – Parking Fees for 2011-2012

I am writing regarding changes to the faculty, staff and student parking fees for 2011-2012.

We have been having on-going discussions with UNB regarding shared services for the library, recreation/athletics facilities and parking.  The discussions regarding parking have been influenced by the added demand on parking facilities that will be created by the new NBCC-Fredericton and the large number of STU parking pass holders using UNB’s Aitken Centre parking lot.  A long-standing issue has also been the fact that the annual cost of maintaining campus parking facilities is 2-3 times the revenues received through the sale of parking passes.

Based on these factors, we have agreed to move towards common campus parking regulation and management. I expect that we will move to a campus parking fee schedule in 2012-2013 with the understanding that consultations on parking prices will take place annually.

For the coming academic year 2011-2012, St. Thomas University is adopting the following rates for parking:

  • ·  Faculty and Staff – $144 annually  (the 2010-2011 rate was $125)
  • ·  Students – $94 annually (the 2010-2011 rate was $75)

This is the first parking fee increase in three years and these rates align with those being charged by UNB and NBCC.

Under this plan, STU, UNB and NBCC parking pass holders will be able to park in all lots throughout the campus consistent with their pass entitlements (ie., faculty/staff, student or shared parking areas).  Our Campus Police will continue to participate in enforcement.

Purchasing Parking Passes

St. Thomas University will continue to sell parking passes directly to faculty and staff.  The parking passes are now available at the Business Office (George Martin Hall) during regular office hours. Payment by cash, debit, credit card or payroll deduction is available.

Students may purchase their parking passes at the UNB Security Office (lower entrance of the Wu Centre) during Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

All parking pass holders will be required to complete a vehicle permit registration form (please see attached and it is also available at the Business Office or the UNB Security Office when you purchase your pass).

I trust that you find this information useful and it explains the wider context for our decisions.  Please write me with any questions or comments.

Thank you.

Lawrence Durling

Vice President Finance and Administration (Acting)

With files from Meredith Gillis.

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  • Kirk Worden

    as a past faculty parking holder this is terrible a person does not mind paying for something they can use. sometimes driving around for a hour is crazy just to find a spot they should give back gas rebates lol and winter time is even worse as parking is lost with snow and having another new building it should be a law against over selling parking passes some motorist are unable to walk the distance they put cars into park such as what they call overflow and you better be aware of where to park or you are facing a ticket and after 3 tickets your car is towed

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