UNB Red Bombers win big at homecoming

The University of New Brunswick Red Bombers walked away with a win against the University of New Brunswick Saint John Seawolves during their homecoming game.

The game started off with a strong defence on both sides. The Red Bombers were able to intercept a pass that would have been a touchdown for the Seawolves. Then, the Seawolves rushed UNB quarterback Greg Brown, almost getting a sack before getting an interception during the next play.

The Seawolves began to move down the field, but UNB was able to pick off a pass in the end-zone to prevent a touchdown after it was tipped by one of the UNBSJ players.

This gave the Red Bombers some momentum to help them move down the field, but they were unable to score, leaving the first quarter scoreless.

The second quarter started off going back and forth as both defences held the other from moving down the field.

The Red Bombers played a very good defencive game, preventing the Seawolves from scoring. (Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

The Red Bombers were eventually able to get within field goal distance. Marcus Urquhart kicked one in for three points, getting the first score of the game.

After a long battle, Red Bomber Jake McKay caught a pass and ran it in for a touchdown, making the score 10-0 with three minutes left in the half.

The Red Bombers defence continued to play strong as Charlie Dee took down one of the Seawolves and picked up the rebound giving them possession.

Both teams continued to fight back and forth throughout the half but couldn’t score. The game was left at 10-0 for the Red Bombers by the end of first half.

The second half started off with the Red Bomber’s Ryan Cain intercepting a throw and putting them in a good position to score, but the Seawolves made an interception and gained possession.

After a fight, the Red Bombers got into field goal range again, but the Seawolves were able to block it.

Both teams continued to fight until McKay caught a long pass and ran it in for a touchdown. With Urquhart’s extra point, the Red Bombers upped their lead to 17-0.

Head coach Dan McCullough was impressed with both team’s playing. (Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

The Red Bombers started the fourth quarter off with a touchdown by Micah Hesman. With the extra point kick by Urquhart, the Red Bombers scored another seven points.

Red Bomber DeAndre DeLeavey got a touchdown after catching a pass from Brown in the end-zone. With the extra point, the Red Bombers brought the score to 31-0.

McKay finished the game with another touchdown, one minute before the game was over. The extra point kick from Urquhart increased the Red Bomber’s lead making the final score 38-0.

Head coach Dan McCullough was happy with his team’s playing, but was impressed with the Seawolves as well.

“They’re a much better team than they were last year,” said McCullough. “They’re more physical, they’ve got more talent on both sides of the ball so I give them and their coaching staff a big congratulations.”

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