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UNB finally ready for kickoff

New football league for Atlantic Canada

Stephanie Fauquier – The Aquinian
Chapman Field on the UNB campus will soon be home to UNB football. - Kyle Albright /AQ

University football is coming back to Fredericton – sort of.

The University of New Brunswick will have two football teams competing in the inaugural season of the Atlantic Football League (AFL).

Both Fredericton and Saint John campuses will have a team competing in the league. The Fredericton Red Bombers and the Saint John Seawolves will join the Moncton Raiders in the AFL, which has been a league in the making over the past four years.

“Our club teams contribute to the health and happiness of our students and allow everyone to get involved in friendly competition, which increases school spirit,” said Natasaha Kelley, the campus recreation coordinator at UNBSJ in a press release.

Mike Dillmore a former UNB football player will be coaching the Fredericton Red Bombers and Dave Grady will be responsible for coaching the Saint John Seawolves.

Neither of the teams will be competing at varsity status, instead they’ll be competing at the campus recreational level.

UNB students make up about 65 per cent of the club roster – St. Thomas students and other community members will round out the ream.

The first game between the Red bombers and the Seawolves will happen at Chapman Field in Fredericton on September 26.

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