Couch potato: Adam Wright shows his disdain for Glee. “If I had to choose from a Nod of the Head or Shake of the Fist, I would give it a Bullet to my Head!”
Couch potato: Adam Wright shows his disdain for Glee. “If I had to choose from a Nod of the Head or Shake of the Fist, I would give it a Bullet to my Head!”

Last week Adam Wright read a harrowing tale of going “unplugged”: a whole week without a cell phone. This week of pain inspired him to do something similar. He decided to go unplugged…without TV for a week!

That lasted about five minutes.

He decided to chronicle his journey of being UN-unplugged.

The resident “TV Junky” decided to show what he spends his nights watching.

Warning, the following might contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.


Sunday nights are all about booze, blood, and braaains.

HBO’s new drama Boardwalk Empire reminds me of many brilliant shows – it has elements of The Sopranos, Mad Men, Deadwood, and The West Wing.

But this show’s slow pacing makes it tedious for some. If you have a short attention span (or if you’re a fan of Two and a Half Men), this isn’t for you. This is for those who enjoy great writing and character development. I would suggest watching the complete season once it has aired.

Next up was Dexter, a personal favourite. The first half of the fifth season was a disappointment, but the last three episodes have really kicked in to the next gear. The addition of Julia Stiles as Lumen has really injected a new energy in the show, which continues its trend of hiring phenomenal guest-stars. It’s anyone’s guess how season five will end. Can they top the season four finale shocker?

Finally, I watched AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead. No joke, before the show started, my light-bulb from my lamp burnt out. So I watched in pitch-black.

Here’s an interesting fact: they have yet to use the word “Zombie”. They always use different terms like “Walker”, or “Geek” (slang for crack-head). Who knew a Zombie show…uh I mean a WALKER show could be educational. Also, did you know Walkers can smell the difference between the dead and the alive?


House went with an old-school disease this week: a smallpox scare! My History of Disease prof would be proud.

The case was interesting but the ridiculousness of the House and Cuddy storyline hurt the episode. They are dating, but Cuddy was mad when House lied to her at work. That’s crazy, because he saved a life with that lie, and she knows how he works. More proof that this hook-up was a mistake.

After House, I watched The Event, which is most likely not coming back next season. Ratings have disappointed, and NBC has practically giving it the kiss-of-death with a hiatus from January to March. Because nothing brings viewers like killing momentum!


Law & Order: SVU this season has gotten more and more ridiculous with their cases. This past week, a guy purposely caused the miscarriage of his girlfriend…with lubricant! That’s right, abortion via sex jelly. Of course that’s just one example of the crazy twists this season.

Next up: Glee. If I had to choose from a Nod of the Head or Shake of the Fist, I would give it a Bullet to my Head! Okay, just kidding folks.

Glee isn’t my favourite show to cover. With Gwyneth Paltrow guest-starring, last week wasn’t THAT bad. Unfortunately her one episode gig is done, and Glee will continue to be one of the most inconsistent and painful shows to cover.

Finally on Tuesday, I watched No Ordinary Family. This show has been great, and it advances the plot each week. In this past episode, the family’s secret was almost exposed to the public. If you haven’t seen this show, check it out. It’s worth it.


Wednesday starts with reality TV for me. Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen. Both are having “off” seasons, but in the case of Survivor, it usually gets good near the end.

Then I watched Law & Order: LA. Is this a great show? No. Do I think the lead, Skeet Ulrich, has more charisma than a brick? No. Why do I watch? Because I’m a fan of the franchise. Remember, they cancelled the original for this. Bastards.

Finally, Modern Family is one of two funniest shows on TV today. The last episode may have been the best of the season. Of course, comedy is subjective. Some people like GOOD comedy and some people like Two and a Half Men. It’s all about opinion.


Community is the other funniest show on TV today. I just started watching this during its second season, but it’s brilliant. This past episode had Abed and Troy build a man-fort. Who says there’s an age limit to forts made of blankets and pillows!

$#*! My Dad Says might not be the best comedy, but I’m a sucker for anything with William Shatner in it. He’s always killed me, from Star Trek, to Boston Legal (Denny Crane!), to his commercials and albums. The man is a national treasure. So I’ll sit through a bad comedy for him.

Next was Grey’s Anatomy, which seems to have pressed the pause button on its season. For the past three episodes, there’s been practically no story development whatsoever. And that’s problematic for a DRAMA.

Finally, I watched The Apprentice. NBC went back to its original format, and the ratings have tanked. But luckily, in March we’ll have another Celebrity edition. Contestants include: Lil’ Jon, La Toya Jackson, Jose Canseco, and Meat Loaf. You know Meat Loaf will do anything to win, but he won’t do that.


Seeing this all on paper, I come to the conclusion that I’m in the right field of work. I know you’re thinking “Adam, is this ALL you do?” In my defence, I’m a great multi-tasker. Yes, I watch a lot of shows, but I’m usually doing work, or talking to friends as I watch. I’m not a COMEPLETE loser.


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