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Tweeting more popular than posting

Daniel Schriver says he uses Twitter more than Facebook (Elizabeth McArthur/AQ)

Social media is a part of everyday life for students across campus. Many spend hours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The variety and possibilities are endless. But some social media sites are losing popularity among young adults.

For Daniel Schriver, a second-year student at STU, social networking has been a part of everyday life six years. He signed up for a Facebook account when he was 13, mainly to communicate with friends and for apps such as Farmville.

A few years later, Facebook started to lose its appeal and Schriver learned of a new networking site.

“A lot of my friends were creating Twitter accounts,” said Schriver.

“I figured I would jump on board and give it a try and see if I liked it. I was tired of all the apps on Facebook and wanted to try something new.”

Schriver said he is reluctant to join other social media sites due to a lack of time to check them all.

“It is hard to find time to keep up with everything. I find I barely focus on Facebook anymore, let alone three or four other social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are enough for me.”

However, for third-year student Zara Morrison, Facebook is the only social networking site she uses to keep in touch with friends and family when she’s away from home.

“Instead of having to pick up the phone and call all my relatives to let them know how I am doing, or what I am up to, I just post a status and everyone is able to keep up with my life,” she said.

It is for the reason of having family on Facebook that first-year student Rebecca Boone prefers to use Twitter.

“I find Facebook is like a diary,” said Boone. “People post what they are up to like you would when making an entry in a diary. Tweets are clever. You only have 140 characters, so make it count.”

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