STU students forced to pay extra intramural fee

As sports representative, Bronté James, shown above, is finding a way for Harrington Hall residents to avoid paying the $50 intramural fee that comes with the new Currie Center at the University of New Brunswick. St. Thomas University students have to pay extra because the university opted out of the $150 fee to help pay off the debt of the new recreation centre. (Tom Bateman/AQ)

St. Thomas University students will have to dig deep into their pockets if they want to take part in intramural sports this school year.

The University of New Brunswick is charging STU students $50 a semester for a recreation pass to play intramural sports. And it will cost an additional $100 to play intramural hockey.

“This is outrageous,” said Scott Saunders, a fourth-year student at STU. “I’ve spent all my money on tuition and books so I couldn’t afford it.”

Until this year, St. Thomas students could join UNB intramural programs for free. However, with the opening of the Currie Center, the university’s state-of-the-art athletics building, that agreement has changed.

Mike Eagles, STU athletic director, confirmed UNB has added the fees for STU students to help pay for the Currie Center.

The Currie Centre offers two full-size recreation gymnasiums, a strength and cardio centre, conference and meeting rooms and a human performance laboratory.

This all cost UNB a hefty $62 million. So far the university has only paid for 80 per cent of that.

UNB students had their tuition hiked $150 to help pay off the deficit. The fee covers intramurals, clubs, the pool and other activities at the Currie Center.

“The St. Thomas administration was approached with the same deal UNB students received,” said Tom White, the intramural sports co-ordinator at UNB. “It didn’t really seem fair to charge the UNB students to use the facility and not the STU students.”

But St. Thomas rejected the $150 tuition increase, leaving students out of the loop for intramural sports.

“Even if I had the money, I don’t think I would have paid it,” Saunders said. “I didn’t know we were playing intramural hockey in the Currie Center this year.”

In the meantime, STU’s athletic department is taking steps so students don’t have to go to UNB to pay the fee, while house representatives are trying to set up their own intramurals for STU students.

“We’re starting a four-on-four basketball league,” said Harrington Hall sports rep Bronté James. “It’s going to be a 10 week program, with the last three weeks being championships. It’s free for students and I think it will be fun if you want to go out.”

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  • Nick Murray

    First off, wasn't the headline in the newspaper, "UNB's gains are STU's pains."

    In any case I strongly disagree with this article. I admit that paying $100 is heavy to play intramural sports, but I think STU admin made the right choice in rejecting the offer to help pay for the Currie centre. Their plan makes sense. This way, not everyone is paying for intramurals because there are a good number of people who don't play sports and they would be stuck paying in their tuition. Whereas people who actually want to play sports can pay an optional $100 instead of a mandatory $150, which, again, isn't fair for people who don't play intramurals.

    Finally, people whoi aren't playing ice hockey need to stop complaining about the fee because we (hockey players) are paying another $100 for ice time, totalling $200 to play hockey, whereas last year it was $80 total (where intramurals were free). So they upped the hockey fee too (which I think is bull). But again, the $100 intramural fee is better than a $150 tuition hike.

  • The Aquinian

    Hi Nick. It isn't uncommon to run a different print and web headline on the same story mainly because the web headline needs to have more information so the reader can decide if they want to read the story or not.

    This is explained in more detail here:

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