Streeter: What was the best moment of your summer?

(Kerstin Schlote/AQ)
(Kerstin Schlote/AQ)

Amanda Poitras, 3rd Year

“A trip I did to Germany and Poland to learn about the Holocaust, to see the concentration camps and I was through the March of Remembrance and Hope. Going to the camps was really hard. It was beautiful to go see the country, but it was very hard. It was very upset to learn about it. But I think I learned a lot about myself and history in general and the Holocaust. I really enjoyed it overall. I had an amazing time, I met amazing people and I learned so much. It was a highlight not only for my summer, but for years.”

Diana Poitras, 1st Year

“The best moment of my summer was probably graduating high school. It was tons of fun, and I was relieved to have it over with. I was excited to know that university was starting in the fall. [Coming to STU,] I was very nervous, probably more nervous than excited. Now, I’m absolutely loving the campus.”


Adrienne Arsenault, 3rd Year

“Me and my sisters and my boyfriend went to Magic Mountain and they have this new slide there. You stand in this capsule and it drops the floor out from underneath. So, you fall straight down. It was such a huge rush and that’s probably my highlight of the summer.”


Jordyn Meade-Baxter, 1st year

“Going to Europe to visit London, Paris and Rome. My favourite was the Eiffel Tower. I went half-way up.”


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