Shame on you

To the Editor,

I just wanted to address something as a STUdent and give an opinion that, I think, needs to be said.

Last Thursday evening, during a political science lecture offered by the university, a journalism student publicly commented that much of our generation has a low interest in politics due to a general lack of understanding, which I admit I agree with. I felt she had made a good point, but then a voice from the back of the room suddenly shouted “Read a book, for God’s sakes.” In no way was this an appropriate comment, that’s for certain, but I simply told myself it was just a rude person acting out of line and refrained from making a comment.

However, when it came to my attention that it was a professor here at STU, I was appalled. My communications class had a conversation about this immediately after the lecture, and it was agreed by most that this student should be praised for raising such a pertinent point to the audience. In no way she should have been made to feel inferior in this way.

I write this before the official news story has been released, and respect whichever way in which you cover the lecture. I simply want to point out that Simpson will remember his visit to STU not for a positive reason, but due to this display of ill-discipline from someone we should be looking up to.

Perhaps it’s possible I took this comment out of context and it wasn’t meant to be harmful in anyway, but I still deem it inappropriate. As journalism students, we are required to take two political science classes. I probably understand politics less than this student did. Am I open to be insulted by someone who should be viewed as a “leader” on campus just because I don’t understand the intricacies of Canadian government? I should hope not.

The St. Thomas University mission statement is clear. Page 7 reads, “We want our students to succeed, to grow in self-esteem, to experience the joy of intellectual accomplishment. We provide an educational environment in which faculty are accessible, flexible, and committed to excellence in teaching.”

St. Thomas, it certainly seems that you have failed us today.

To the professor who made a mockery of our students, our faculty and our university, shame on you.


Scott Hems

Third year

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