Prof’s book republished to promote art exhibit

Originally published in 2004, Journey to the Circumference of the Earth returns with the debut of Robin Peck’s travelling sculpture exhibition, Crania.

Journey to the Circumference of the Earth is a series of essays published by Peck about his journey around the world. Beginning in New York, Peck and a group of sculptors go to Transylvania, take the Orient Express to Paris, explore London and fly to Iceland.

“It’s about travelling in a way that’s equivalent to the way you view sculpture,” Peck said.

Since the 2004 release, the book has been updated to include new chapters at the beginning and the end, as well as adding in new theories and updating information regarding artists. The cover of the book, designed by Toronto sculpture artist James Carl, has also been updated to create a sleeker and minimalist appearance. The design is inspired by an Italian sign that warns people of falling rocks when driving through the Alps.

“[Carl] made it more geometric,” said Peck. “He turned the rocks into hexagons, made it more precise.”

The idea to republish Journey to the Circumference of the Earth was not Peck’s idea, but the idea of the two curators, David MacWilliam and Doug Kirton, who approached Peck about doing the exhibition. If things were up to Peck, the book wouldn’t have been republished.

“It’s just publicity for the exhibition,” Peck said.

The exhibit, Crania, began on June 16 at the Or Gallery in Vancouver, B.C. and is on display at the University of Manitoba. While the exhibit won’t come to the Maritimes, Peck’s art will be displayed in Ontario, New York and southern Alberta.

“It’s a shame that it can’t come to the Maritimes,” said Peck.

Although Crania won’t make it to the Maritimes, Journey to the Circumference of the Earth will make its debut in the second semester of this school year as the textbook for Peck’s class, Ideas In Art.

“Every student is going to be assigned a section to present and research,” Peck said. “We’ll go through it page by page and we’ll present the entire thing. So, if you really want to know what that book’s about, you should take the course. It’ll all be in there.”

Since Peck is retiring at the end of the school year, Ideas In Art will be the last class he will teach. Despite his departure from STU, Peck doesn’t plan to give up art anytime soon.

“I’m retiring from teaching, but artists don’t retire.”

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