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Player profile of the week: Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke grew up in Amherst, NS where sports was one of the only things to do. (Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

Growing up in a small town in Nova Scotia meant Hannah Clarke didn’t have a whole lot to do growing up other than sports.

“I’m from Amherst which is a really small town,” said Clarke.

“There wasn’t really a lot to do there other than play sports. So, I think that’s why I did so many … I think it’s like most small towns.”

Clarke played soccer and hockey throughout high school while also competing in track and field. She’s been doing track for nine years now. She believes it’s the sport she has excelled at the most and would enjoy here at STU.

“Track is what I really loved and the one I loved the most out of the three,” said Clarke.

Clarke recently competed in Moncton on Jan. 14 and in Boston on Jan. 20 and was happy with her results. Her relay team came first in Moncton, and she matched her running time in the 200-meter race with her time from the previous meet that took place before the Christmas break.

“That was really good after having a break and to still be at the same spot I was at before,” said Clarke.

Clarke also did well at the Harvard meet in Boston. She beat her personal best and came first in her heat in the 200 meter race, and her relay team broke their personal record.

Clarke said while being a student athlete isn’t easy, she enjoys the diversion from school that being on the team gives her.

“I just like having something else, like a team to go to. School is a lot and so is doing both, but I like having it there, like something extra,” said Clarke. “It also keeps me active.”

Clarke is currently pursuing a major in criminology and said once the semester continues and her workload begins to pile up she will have to buckle down to keep up with it all.

“You just have to plan ahead and know when all your assignments are due and making sure you’re doing what you can when you know you have meets or practice.”

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