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More wi-fi hotspots, new email server among tech updates to come

(Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

New and exciting technological updates are on their way to St. Thomas University’s campus.

Information technology services director Dan Crabbe said upgrades are in the works. The university is looking to increase the number of wi-fi hotspots on campus from the current 80 they have.

They’re also looking at switching from the Google webmail service to one provided by Microsoft.

“We’re putting the plan in place now to see when it’s going to happen. There are a couple of things we’re waiting on. Microsoft has changed the way that they’ve licensed everything, so we have to figure out what this new world is going to cost us,” said Crabbe.

(Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

“Because under the old license it was a good idea because we were going to gain some things, mailboxes would get bigger, there would be benefits to people and the cost wasn’t going to be that much. But now that they’ve changed that cost, we’re just looking at it to see ‘Well what’s that really mean?’”

Crabbe and a few other employees have been using the new email server a pilot project while they decide. He said most universities have been using it and STU may follow suit.

Crabbe said they’re also hoping to get professors to bring their own devices into the classrooms.

(Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

“We have some classrooms I think in the [education program] that are using an Apple TV and they’re giving out iPads to the students so that they can stream what the students have up on the TV,” said Crabbe.

Crabbe said he will need to talk to staff and faculty about the new potential technology to see if there is a need for it. His main concern is that the money is being spent in the right places an for the right equipment.

“That’s something that we’re kind of investigating. Would there be a need for, not only faculty being able to bring their own device and display it, but also for students to be able to display the device that they have.”

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