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Men’s volleyball have sights set on nationals

The STU men’s volleyball team squared off against the UNBSJ Seawolves last Friday. STU came away with another victory brining their record to nine wins and zero losses. But team captain Jason Cannon wasn’t entirely happy with the team’s performance.

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“Despite the outcome, it was a pretty sloppy game,” said Cannon. “We have more experience and are a stronger team but we are still not up to where we should be.”

Cannon and his team have their sights set on nationals. He said Friday’s game is not a representation of what STU men’s volleyball can do.

“We try to look past this league,” said Cannon. “Not to say that the teams aren’t good, but we are looking at nationals.”

Cannon acknowledges that in ACAA playoffs, any team can win.

“We are prepared to give it our all. Some of our practises are more intense than our games,” said Cannon.

He is certain in the team’s ability to pull of victories against every other team in the ACAA. His certainty is backed up by their 9-0 record.

“Everyone is going to play better at the ACAA [playoffs]. We always do,” said Cannon.

Francis Duguay has been coaching the men’s team since its rebirth in the 2011- 2012 season. Duguay thinks Friday’s game reflects their season so far.

“We’ve blocked better in the season but other than that we played a good game,” said Duguay. “So far in the first semester we’ve executed the game plan.”

His game plan is simple: control the court.

“We’re not going to let anyone come in and take control, regardless of the score,” said Duguay. “We’ve managed to avoid the losing column so far. We’re pretty good at doing that.”

Duguay is confident in his team’s ability to perform at ACAA finals. “We’ve proven that we are the top contender but that being said that puts a target on our backs,” said Duguay.

The coach stresses to his players that they need to continue to push to stay on top and stay healthy.

“We bring the same attitude every game,” said Duguay. “We treat every game like it’s the last game of the season. We don’t take anything for granted. We don’t care who we play. We come out and play STU volleyball.”

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