Letters to the editor (x4) regarding “An open letter to Halloween Skanks.”

These letters are in reference to the article, ‘An open letter to Halloween Skanks:

You can read Bailey White’s  response here: An open letter to Bailey White:’

You can also read the Editor-in-Chief’s response here: ‘Don’t Panic

Letter 1

Dear Editor,

I am pretty disappointed in the paper for publishing the story “An open letter to Halloween Skanks.”

For one reason, it is completely degrading to all women.

Not all girls are like that, and sure some men can be pigs, but it’s not like that.

Another reason is her views on how to be a lady.

Her guidelines are so stupid, she makes it seem that people can not be the individuals that they are.

“3.Blue jeans. Everyone wears blue jeans. Don’t try to stand out.”

Why can’t a lady stand out? A lady takes pride in herself, feels comfortable with herself, and is not afraid to express herself.

“7. A pea coat for those chilly days. You can do a bright colour here, but don’t go to crazy. You’re still in reform.”

What reform!? We are not in a private school and aren’t required to wear uniforms.

Individuality can be a part of happiness, if you are afraid to express your true self, you can never be happy with yourself.

Anyone who believes in feminism or considers themselves a proper lady would not stoop to such levels as to criticize someone’s attire because they don’t go along with what is considered “proper”.

This article just enrages me… and I really hope that The Aquinian will not peddle any more trash like this.

Jessica Mazariegos

Letter 2

Dear editor,

I am writing this in response to Bailey White’s distasteful and heavily exaggerated article titled “An open letter to Halloween Skanks.”

First off I would like to point out that being religious and a feminist is a complete oxymoron. Feminism holds no basis alongside your fanatical religious beliefs.

Your article directed toward women who participated in Halloween was offensive to a great deal of young ladies, myself included. I wasn’t even involved in the festivities myself but I still found it rude. Whatever your intent was in writing the article you failed pretty badly. Not only did your writing lack any humour (it should be expected from a religious zealot of course) but it was also very sexist. You can defend yourself by stating it was purely satirical but I know myself and a majority of other students did not see it that way.

Grudgingly I admit you do have somewhat of a point, though it is muddled heavily in the self-righteous bullshit you spouted for most of the article. Nowadays Halloween is more of an occasion for girls to dress up as sluts, no one can deny that.

I, unlike yourself, am actually a feminist and I do have standards, morals and values too. But guess what I had intended on going out as during Halloween? I guess your opinion of the costume would have been a slutty nurse. Of course it was actually just a cosplay from the movie Kill Bill but I doubt a Catholic like yourself would know anything about it. If your fanatical beliefs and views extend to your personal life then I doubt you‘ve ever even heard of a tasteful film.

Your opinion, as worthless and unworthy of newspaper space as it is, only succeeded in offending the majority of female readers and possibly pleasing a few sad religious fanatics here and there like yourself.

Halloween is whatever you want it to be. It’s a night to be mischievous and have fun. What people do is their own business. So a girl wants to lighten up and have some fun? Is that a crime. Unfortunately for you it is not.

I would also like to point out about the major contradiction you use near the end of your article. Earlier in your writing you clearly state feminism is important to you and such, but near the very end you say that the only way for a woman to be happy is to find a husband. Insert confused blank stare here. Um hello? For someone preaching to be the spokesperson for all things moral and of value to women you sure do contradict yourself heavily with a single point.

I’m going to guess that it was the religious side of you that brought that on. It’s fundamentalists like you spreading propaganda and deceiving people around the world that hinders the growth of intellectual evolution.

Of course I say all of this with love,

Lyndsay Porter

Letter 3

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter addressed to “skanks” in last week’s issue of the Aquinian, I felt its message to be quite unfortunate. We are all equal women, why attack each other?

To unfoundedly attach such damaging labels to others is what perpetuates the acceptance of a system that victimizes women. To masquerade as a feminist through the illogical thought portrayed in the aforementioned article, does more harm to feminism than the women blamed in the writing. The statements made destroy an overarching aim of feminism, which is to break down such labels and constructs.

Who are you Ms. White, to make blatant assumptions as to who other women are, and what value they hold? A point of feminism is that we all be awarded choice and freedom to express ourselves and our bodies in whichever way we choose. It embarrassingly contradicts feminism when you solidify negativity, marking other women as lesser.

A woman’s objective is her choice, and her business. So what if a woman does want to have sex outside of a relationship, who are you to judge? You don’t know these women you attack, so stop claiming as though you’ve got them pegged. Wide generalization and claims that all women agree with your hate is risky. Don’t put words in my mouth.

Moreover, to simply brush off the responsibility of men to give respect, and place the onus on women to earn it, upsets me. You’re treading dangerously close to the misled idea that sexual assault and rape is the woman’s fault, by claiming the inability of animalistic men to resist evolutionary urges, which is a bunch of bullshit.

Then there’s that oh so desired ring. More bullshit. I have yet to come across feminist academia that claims the only way to happiness is through marriage. How self-conscious is it to need a man to marry in order to fulfill life’s happiness? It’s called independence, get some.

Everyone’s entitled to express themselves, so express away, but don’t use feminism as your catalyst when what you’re expressing is so far from it. If your defense is that you’re writing was satirical… bad try. This was a very inappropriate topic to use as satire, even if it was only to boost readership. Evoking humour in such things only plays off the seriousness of the underlying issues. You say you’re a feminist, ever hear of civil oppression?

Tanya MacKeigan

Letter 4

Dear Editor,

I am ashamed to know that the article “An open letter to Halloween Skanks” was published in affiliation with my academic institution. I understand that opinion pieces are meant to be controversial, but this piece was simply offensive and unprofessional.

The first issue I would like to address is the use of foul language. I am an average student, who does cuss, but I know that there are those within our university community who do not approve of the use of such language. I feel that publishing such language is disrespectful, and this is not the reputation that The Aquinian should strive for.

The second issue I would like to address is the assumption that is made (in the article) that women who dress to show off their figure are uncivilized, unintelligent, uninteresting, and essentially not worthwhile. I think that this assumption is off the charts rude and derogatory. You cannot assume a person’s intelligence or personality based solely on wardrobe choice.

The third issue I have is the incorrect use of feminist ideas. Feminism is not about covering up your body and acting prudish, it is quite the opposite. Feminists of the 1960s actually supported the use of birth control so they could attain the sexual freedom men had previously experienced. Feminism is about freely expressing your femininity, and if that means wearing “skanky” clothes then so be it. It’s about freedom not restriction.

The fourth issue I wish to address is the generalization that ALL women who wear flattering, revealing clothing are “skanks”. This is again disrespectful and offensive, as well as inaccurate.

The final issue I have with this article is the statement “And finding a husband is the only way you’ll ever be happy.” This statement doesn’t account for those of different sexual orientation, which is disrespectful. It also goes against the ideas of feminism, which were previously used to promote the authors point.

Again I understand that opinion pieces are meant to be controversial, but they should be done in a professional manner and this article is not!

Jerrica Shea

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  • you silly feminists

    Haha well done Bailey! You raving old conservative, you. gracious. some people really just have their respective panties in a twist over words. Fantastic. What a larth, the way y’all have responded. all I hear is white noise and complaining about random nonsense. Free speech for all!!! Unless you speak differently than me. Then no speech at all!!

  • All Spin

    I have to say I’m a little disappointed with all you so-called critical thinkers at STU. The letter by Miss White was obviously intended to be satire, whether you think it was a good attempt or bad is totally irrelevant (because I’m sure you’ve all read so much of the genre).
    When I was at STU, we bitched the AQ was boring. Now Bailey tried to make it edgier, and you say she went too far.
    You don’t have to take offense to everything just because that’s what’s in right now, you know.

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