Letter to the Editor: Dear vegetarian meal snatchers

Dear vegetarian meal snatchers,

Last year I worked hard to make the Dean’s List.

I attended all my classes, worked hard on my papers and oh ho! I made it.

And what’s the best thing about being on the Dean’s List? An awesome gourmet supper which is a nice break from Mr. Noodles, my staple meal.

As I sat there, watching other tables fill up with vegetarian meals, my mouth was watering. But when my friend and I asked for our vegetarian meals, the server returned with a frown.

“Sorry girls, we’re all out of the vegetarian option. You were supposed to put that in the email when your RSVPed.”

Even though my friend and I told her that we had done that, there wasn’t anything she could do for us, meaning my only option for dinner was to take a plate and eat around the meat.

But I was outraged that people who didn’t RSVP vegetarian were taking the meals of those who did. Then I realized this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

In fact, at every banquet-type dinner I have been to, this happens. Weddings, military dinners, and yes, last year’s Dean’s List Dinner too!

So, to the fake or lazy vegetarians who didn’t have the two seconds of time to reply to Ellen Tapley’s email to say “Oh by the way, I’m vegetarian,” thanks for chowin’ down on the meals of those who did. As if STU doesn’t make it hard enough for us vegetarians not to get scurvy with all the pasta, rice, and deep fried meals at the cafeteria and vegetarian options that I’d have to sell my kidney to afford.

I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt that you vegetarian meal snatchers were unaware of what you were doing. Well, now you know. So eat your meat or type those two words in your reply email: I’m vegetarian.

-Amy Mackenzie

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  • Anonymous

    Uggggh that is SO ANNYOING! I've had that happen to me too!

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