Lesbihonest, what’s the difference?


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There are plenty of things in our society that make little to no sense. As a whole, we just go along with our norms without question and call it a day.

This week I want to talk about being curious.

When girls are feeling a bit curious about what it would be like to be with another girl, often times those feelings of curiosity are encouraged – usually, but not always, by men.

This doesn’t necessarily make those supporters pigs; humans – especially the male variety – are visual creatures and, of course, seeing two members of the interested sex going at it on a dance floor (or elsewhere) would be cause for gawking and encouragement.

This gets nonsensical when the situation gets flipped: if two males were to feel a similar kind of curiosity toward each other and act upon it, they are almost automatically assumed gay.

But when those two curious females get together, they’re exactly that: curious females. Why is that?

I know plenty of females and males who have kissed members of the same sex and aren’t homosexual.

As someone who is very interested in peoples’ behaviours, I have pondered this idea before – generally it doesn’t matter if females or males witness two men embracing each other, the witnessing party will more than likely make an assumption about their sexual orientation almost immediately.

When it’s two females affectionately embracing each other, most males will probably think it’s hot, and egg the ladies on. Women could possibly assume the girls are lesbians, but given the nature of a lot of girls our age, they could just be seeking male attention (because we all know making out with your girlfriend is one sure-fire way to do that).

So why are we like this? When did we decide that men with men was gay and women with women was okay?

Honestly? I think it’s a non-issue. It seems as though many people feel the need to determine a person’s sexual when it really shouldn’t matter. People can be curious about other people. It doesn’t matter what kind of bits they have – or at least, it shouldn’t.


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  • Kayla Williston

    Great article. Glad to see that since I graduated the Aquinian is still holding true! Keep up the great work!

  • QueerAnon

    Men do have the curiosities, but simply don't act on them as often because we're socialized to think that all gay men are feminine, and feminine is the exact opposite of what we want to be, therefore, we don't want to be gay. This compulsory heterosexuality leads us to engage in sexual one-upmanship with our male friends, since we can't explore sex with them, we must prove our heterosexuality by comparing the best sex stories, girls compare to, but guys do it in a more objectifying way. Speaking of which, I don't think it's because men are visual creatures that they promote lesbianism, many people learn visually, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were womyn who are more visual than men. Men objectify lesbians because they are socialized into such misogyny, which is disgusting in my opinion.

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