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The iPhone 8: A new prototype to feed the hype

The iPhone 8 was released on Sept. 22 and the iPhone X will be released in November. (Vincent Jiang/AQ)

When Apple launched the new iPhone, I was in my global politics class, listening to how the world has been shaped from imperialism to capitalism. Mankind has never stopped evolving over thousands of years, just as the iPhone keeps evolving.

The super-hyped, four-digit-priced machine that holds a key role in modern communication seems to roll out a new phone every year, and the next one happens to be the iPhone 8, which became available for purchase on Sept. 22.

Face recognition: Apple has prepared the face recognition system as the main dish for this year’s launch event, and it works with other functions like Animoji, paying by a glance and portrait lighting. Surprisingly, during the event, the Face ID lock demo failed twice. Imagine how difficult it might be to unlock your iPhone 8 without makeup after a party.

Advanced photography: For those iPhone photographers, the real question for iPhone 8 is how good is the camera? The iPhone 8 allows you to shoot 4K videos from 24 to 60 frames per seconds to as high as 240 fps for super slow motion video. The highlight of the upgrade is the portrait lighting, which allows the camera to find faces in the images with different light; a top-down-studio light, a contour-enhanced light or two-stage mono light that drops the background out.

Wireless charging: It works, but you have to buy the third-party pad yourself. It does charge as fast as the standard adapter and is an innovation for smart phone, but Apple did not invent the wireless charging technique. The first wireless charging in smartphone was introduced on Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2015, and it has been the sole leader until now.

Appearance: Durable glass front and back, waterproof and no home button — it’s the type of phone you would see in sci-fi movies. For those who can’t afford one or are not interested in new iPhones, yes, they barely look any different from the previous one.

To me, the prototype is fulfilling the need of the smartphone market because the expectation is high from the public.

And the hype will only increase as we enter the major shopping season and the iPhone X approaches in November.

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