Homos Happen

By Leblanc

It all starts with the most fucking intense urge to touch her.

You don’t understand why but the only thing you can think about or concentrate on (aside from her amazing chest) is ways to have physical contact with her.

You brush your nervous and shaking hand on her arm while reaching over to get your binder, and this moment is the most satisfying feeling in the world.

Before you know it you’re initiating longer touching sessions and this turns into very intense cuddling. Your rubbing her arm and hair and at this point you are so turned on that the only thing you can think about is making out with her.

Bravo. You’ve figured it out.

If you want your tongue in her mouth you’re probably a lesbian.

As soon as you gather up the courage you make your move; you are now engaged in the hottest kiss you have ever had in your life. Your temperature is rising, your heart is fast beating, your breath is trembling and just by listening to her lusty sounds you know she feels the same.

Not daring to take it a step further, you make out all night.

Before falling asleep you think about the technique you’re going to use to find a way into her pants.

The nervousness kicks in.

You realize this is unfamiliar territory. You have never had sex with another woman before.

How the hell are you going to figure out what to do?

Your first reaction is to hit Google.

You spend the following day on ridiculous websites hoping to find an accurate how-to guide. There is no such thing; every woman is different.

You’re probably only wasting your day looking at crappy porn, and to tell you the truth, these raunchy moves are not going to be effective in bed at night.

So when you finally get back to your senses and give up on Google, take the time to relax.

It’s a big deal. You’re going to have you first lesbian sex experience.

But that should be the only thing you are worried about.

The sex itself should come pretty naturally. After all, you are equipped with the same “sexual gear”.

Most of what you want her to do to you is what she is looking for.

When the moment is right go for it and just let it flow. Make sure you listen to her body language and you should be fine.

Trembling, laboured breathing, pillow biting and moaning means you are on the right track.

As the initial move is made you will no longer be thinking about the “10 steps to successfully fuck her” that you had discovered earlier that day.

You will just be lost in hot sex and, honestly, the only thing you will be thinking is how good it feels.

After your amazing orgasms, holding her in your arms, it is now time to decide if you’re actually a lesbian.

Hint: if you want it to happen again, you just might be a lesbian.

If you let it go that far, and you intensely savoured every steamy moment, it will be pretty evident that you are now going to adopt a new sexual orientation.

Ultimately this is your decision

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