From the Editor(s)

Bailey White

It’s been great working for you.

That’s all I ever wanted to do, really. Work for you: the STU community.

I know we haven’t always agreed on everything, but I’m glad you took the time to disagree.

Ultimately, the goal has always been to make you talk about what was going on around STU and around Fredericton.

Even if the only thing you had to say was that the Aquinian poorly covered something, at least you were talking.

At least you were thinking about your community, why you’re here and what, if anything, it means to you.

And if it means nothing to you, that’s fine. I don’t think your life will be hampered in anyway because of this.

But what I have come to realize, what is impossible to ignore after a year’s worth of STU-centric news reporting and news reading, is that for many people, this community means the world.

As a community, we have suffered a few great losses in the last academic year.

From a pacifistic professor, to a father of our foundation, to a young student with a bright future.

But like any good community does, STU rallied around these tragedies, and in our grieving we are closer and more unified.

It has not been an easy year, but when you think of it, whole years rarely are.

The community spirit at STU still thrives, and it will continue to thrive. If you’re not part of that spirit, it might be worth at least observing – it’s really a brilliant thing.

This is my final editorial note.

I’ll be returning to STU next year, but I happily pass on this position to someone I know to be more than capable.

It’s been really, really fun.

Thanks for reading.

See you in September.

– Bailey White (Outgoing Editor in Chief)

Matt McCann

Alright people, it’s hard to write an introductory column when we’ll all be leaving for a four-month break soon. I don’t really know what to say, because what can be said now that won’t be forgotten by September, and that’ll still be relevant when the Aquinian comes back next year, in print and online?

I guess I’ll do what I always do. Fall back on the enduring words of Douglas Adams.

“Whatever you do,” he wrote, “don’t panic.”

It always seems to fit, no matter what the situation. Doubly so at the end of a school year.

So, grads pushed from the safe confines of academia into economic reality – don’t panic.

Those of us scrambling at the last minute to finish term papers – don’t panic. (to quote Adams again: “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”)

Everyone studying for final exams – don’t panic.

Anyone frustrated by the online class registration system – don’t panic.

Newly-minted editors, struggling to finish an ill-conceived column on deadline – don’t panic.

Said editor, trying to think of a column name – don’t panic… hey, yeah, that’s not too bad.

See. It could apply to anyone. So no matter what happens to you this summer, don’t panic, and hopefully most of us, – and the Aquinian – will be back next year.

– Matt McCann (Incoming Editor in Chief)
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