Fredericton suffering due to limited music venues

Cedar TreeFredericton’s music venues have been fading away over the past several years, and the city is suffering for it.

“We have the Capital Complex, but other than that you’re looking at cover bands,” said Erin Bond, volunteer coordinator at the University of New Brunswick’s campus radio station, CHSR 97.9 FM.

Over the years, Fredericton has lost several important musical venues such as the Cedar Tree Cafe, Lava Lounge, Nirvana, and Fusion Night Club.

Keaten Russell, a musician and student at St. Thomas University, is concerned these once-great venues are closing their doors.

“There used to be a lot of places to play, a really rich variety,” Russell said.

Bond said the Capital is booked up well in advance and most bands won’t get the chance to play in the city because of it.

“Bands will go on tour to Saint John, Moncton, and Halifax, but never here,” said Bond.

Places like the Charlotte Street Arts Centre or the Fredericton Playhouse give musicians a place to play, but most can’t afford it.

“The Charlotte Street Arts Centre doesn’t always have the turnout you expect it to have, you also have to put a lot of money down to actually have a show,” Russell said.

There have been a few surprising venues such as Reneu Boutique that have popped up in Fredericton and even the Roxstone Cafe has opened its doors to musicians over the past few years.

Some music lovers are asking the question whether the city of Fredericton could help the music scene it cherishes. Some aren’t so sure it will happen.

“I don’t know how much the city would invest in the music scene,” Bond said.

There are some people who enjoy the music scene as it is but want to see more done to improve it.

“If we could form a collective to bring these issues to the right people and get something done,” said Bond.

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