Food Review: It is THE Waffle Station

Have you ever had a waffle too crispy or just not thick enough? I have. I’m not a man who regularly eats waffles. In fact, I usually don’t even eat breakfast. But if I had a place like this near my home, breakfast would never be missed.

Freddy’s Waffle Station is located in downtown Fredericton inside King’s Place Mall. It’s easy to miss when walking by, but that’s your loss. The design of the eatery is simple but elegant – what you’d expect from a small waffle restaurant. With classical music playing in the background, you almost feel like your waffle is trying to serenade you.

The Nutella B&C featured a healthy portion of Nutella, banana and whipped cream, perfectly spread on a crispy yet fluffy waffle. (Troy Glover/AQ)

When it comes to the waffles, there’s an extensive selection. There are three categories to pick from: Brussels Waffles, Savory Wafflewich and Sweet Wafflewich. Brussels represent the typical Belgian waffle you can get anywhere with any assortment of fruit. Savory goes a little off the map by introducing waffle sandwiches with guacamole, smoked salmon or Korean BBQ. And the sweet variety will entice you with all the delectable treats you’d love to have in a waffle sandwich.

I chose to get a sweet treat and give their Nutella B&C a try. The first thing I noticed was the price. After tax my wafflewich cost me over $8. “That’s quite a bit for a waffle,” is what I thought. I wish I could say there was some form of showmanship while the waffles were prepared but there wasn’t. Thankfully, showmanship doesn’t matter to me. I only care about how my food tastes. They made my waffle quickly and the presentation was amazing.

My wafflewich was coated in powdered sugar and the contents were clean and beautiful. With a waffle sandwich, you might expect the contents to be unidentifiable and messy, but you could see every ingredient stand out boldly together. The Nutella, the bananas and the whipped cream.

Freddy’s Waffle Station offers a variety of waffles, including traditional, sweet and savoury flavours. (Troy Glover/AQ)

I couldn’t believe I was using a plastic knife at first. I cut into the waffle effortlessly. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. None of the contents dominated the other in taste. Every ingredient is present when you’re taking a bite. The slightest hint of cinnamon in the waffle is refreshing but not overpowering. I got what I paid for.

Will I go out of my way to come into town for another one of these waffles? Yes. Will I eat breakfast regularly now? Probably not, but if it involves these waffles then I’ll make an exception.

Price: 3/5

Taste: 5/5

Presentation: 5/5

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