First impressions count

There’s a trend happening in the job market and a lot of people seem to be doing it. It’s called bad first impressions. Here are a few examples of the types of people I see applying for jobs.

The slob: You’ll notice them right away because they carry a deep stench, normally reeking of alcohol, weed, sweat or all three. Often friendly and comfortable with themselves, they ask if the business is hiring and drop off their resume. Too bad they’re wearing sweatpants, or they might have some potential.

The perfectionist: Opposite of the slob, the perfectionist is dressed like they’re going to Kate Middleton’s wedding. They seem like the ideal candidate until they start talking and you realize they are a robot. Not to mention, there’s a huge pile of resumes and cover letters in their leather over-the-shoulder clutch. Did I mention their picture is on their resume?

The shy guy: You won’t notice them right away; in fact, you may not notice them at all. They are quiet, and don’t like to approach people. Usually, the employer has to approach them because they seem so confused and frightened. The shy guy mumbles and quickly disappears once the resume is in the employer’s hand.

The mother: They come in excited and confident. They are a bit older, but it doesn’t matter because employers are taken by their awesome personality and effortless conversation. Finally, they drop the bomb: “I’m actually here to hand in my son’s resume, he is really great.”

In reality, dropping off a resume is like going for a mini interview. You’re about to meet your potential future boss, so first impressions are everything. To knock it out of the park, here’s what you should do:

1) Dress nicely, like you would for a first date. You know, try hard but not too hard.

2) Ask for the manager, and if possible, ask for them by name, which shouldn’t be hard to figure out in this era.

3) Shake their hand and introduce yourself. By doing so, the employer will see you as a confident individual.

4) Don’t let your pile of resumes be visible. With one resume in hand, the employer will feel special, like you specifically want to work for them.

5) Tell them about yourself. Tell them something they will remember and that will make you stand out. Also, a sprinkle of flattery never hurts.

6) Smile and act confident. Even if you aren’t, you can pretend.

7) Last but not least, if the manager isn’t there, don’t worry. Make an impression on the person your talking to and odds are, they will relay the message of how great you are. Hand them your resume and ask when the boss will be in next. Be persistent, it’s okay to apply to a place more than once.

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