Fire crews called in after explosion at UNB

Fredericton Police and fire crews were called to the University of New Brunswick’s Head Hall building in the afternoon of Sept. 12 upon reports of a small explosion in the downstairs acid lab.

Assistant deputy chief for emergency operations with the Fredericton Fire Department, Steven Fraser, said the call came in ‪around 3:45 p.m.‬

Fraser said when crews arrived on the scene, UNB Security evacuated all students from the building.

Five students were working in the lab at the time, said Fraser. He states two students were assessed by Ambulance NB, but no injuries were found and they have since been released.

Emergency crews worked with hazmat technicians and chemists from the university to assess what chemicals were spilled in or involved with the explosion.

The main chemical was found to be glyceregia, a compound used in the study of metal, said Fraser.

According to Fraser, the acid’s container reached a temperature where it burst. No other chemicals were affected by the incident.

UNB director of communications, Sonya Gilks, said security teams will escort students inside the building to collect personal belongings left behind after the scene is cleaned.

The lab itself is expected to be closed overnight and Sept. 13. Classes in the building resumed Sept. 13.

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