Fight ends Harrington party

Harrington Hall’s first house party finished with a bang.

The office-themed party on Oct. 15 was shut down at 10:30 p.m. because of a fist fight in the second floor lounge.

Harrington’s president Caitlin Doiron could not explain the events from the night and was hesitant about giving an interview.

“We as a house committee don’t really want the events of what happened Friday publicized or for any reason for people to think of Harrington as a bad place,” she said.

The day after the party, the lounge where the party was held was covered in blood. There was no damage done to the house, though bulletin boards with information were ripped off.

Residence manager Kelly Hogg also refused to give out information about what exactly happened, but said residence life met with all those involved in the fight.

“We are continuing to investigate…it is somewhat of an isolated incident,” she said.

“We worked with the RA team and the house committee about tightening up the sign-in policy, how to prevent this from happening in the future and to make events successful in the future.”

Those in residence must sign-in guests during a party and accompany them throughout their stay.

The policy is the same during parties, Hogg said.

Clayton Beaton, who is also a residence manager, told The Aquinian the day before the party that he hopes to create a better image for Harrington.

He wants to have larger events that students can look forward to.

“I’d rather spend more time fostering a positive community and planning events than dealing with the aftermath of an isolated number of people,” he said.

Former Harrington Hall president Bobby Gaudet spent his term last year trying to improve the residence’s reputation. His changes included adding more sober activities to April 6th day.

“If you walk the halls of Harrington Hall, you will meet some of the kindest and smartest people at this university. I wanted our reputation to reflect that,” Gaudet said last year.

With files from Shane Magee and Karissa Donkin

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  • Frank Jr Molley

    Harrington is nortorious for bad student behaviour which behaviour was never curbed by administration. They need to crack down and clean up that ghetto called Harrington.

  • Justin Sane

    The writer of this article should have told the whole story, it wasn't a fight. One guy punched a girl from Vanier, her boyfriend got up to do something about it and got grabbed by the collar of the shirt by a third guy (not involved in the incident) as he stood up from his chair and was punched it the face several times repeatedly. The blood came from the guys nose and he stumbled around attempting to find an exit. That was no fight that took place but more accurately an unprovoked attack. I dont want to name names but the guy who jumped in for no reason is a Harrington resident. A sign in policy will not help stop violence at residence socials if the people residing in said residence use violence to solve issues. Harrington is not a bad place, that is not the point, the point is that the facts are not given to the public because it will make Harrington residence seem like violent unreasonable people live there and who would want to go to a social full of people like that? No matter what is said, it seems unfair to blame an entire residence for one person's lack of reason. And res life did not meet with everyone involved. If you havent noticed by now, I am telling this from my perspective, the guy who got punched. How dare they claim that res life met with everyone involved. I have not been contacted by anyone for anything. This article is a bunch of lies and shields the truth from everyone in an attempt to cover it up so as to avoid any effort of attempting to find justice. If an article of this subject is to be written for public newspapers, the whole story, rather then this poor telling of that nights events, should be written or not published at all.

  • Emily

    We are not ghetto! I love my house, and everyone in it.

  • Garrett Saulis

    Harrington was my home last year, if it wasn't for my desire to eat healthier food that I can cook in my own kitchen I would still be there. Articles like this dishing out bad reputation to the house as a whole disgusts me. Harrington is a great place and given a lot of grief for incidents caused by people who don't even live in the house. Events that the media can blow out of proportion by choice to write a "good article." As Bobby was quoted "If you walk the halls of Harrington Hall, you will meet some of the kindest and smartest people at this university. I wanted our reputation to reflect that" and it's true and the residents of Harrington really deserve a better reputation.

  • Andrew

    Harrington has a bad reputation for no reason, this could have happened at any res in STU or even UNB. We have some of the nicest people that go to STU living here and to compare it to a ghetto is completely wrong and inaccurate. If I had to choose again I would still pick Harrington over any other residence. Spend a night in Harrington and it will be easy to dismiss assumptions that people who do not even live are making.

  • anonymous

    First of all, this article is terrible. All you did was tell us that there was a fight in Harrington, that nobody's talking.

    Now, that being said, all this did was create more bad publicity for Harrington (my former home) and I'm sick and tired of it. There was nothing informative about this article that people don't already know (i.e. you have to have an escort when signed in). What about all the good things that Harrington and their house committee do?

    And finally, Justin, you're just as full of crap as the article. I'm not going to get into details but bottom line is that any guy who gets punched after abusing a girl, is hardly a victim of an "unprovoked attack". And just to make things clear, the guy who punched his girlfriend refused to leave after being asked to, and was in the midst of sticking another house resident, he just happened to get hit first. Get your story straight.

    AQ, STOP BASHING HARRINGTON HOUSE!!! Try writing about something that really matters and the people are interested in.

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