From the outgoing

This is it, last one. Maybe happier than I should be, but it has been a long road.

From the Aquinian staff, I would like to say it has been a slice. But I can’t, not always. It has been both a pleasure and a pain in the ass. But that’s why I’m saying if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of my staff, I would be pooched — and so would you, I guess.

I loved my time at the Aquinian and have been proud to be Editor-in-Chief. We were all new to being staffers when we took our jobs, so thanks for your support. I want to publically thank all the staff and contributors for making the paper what it is. It has been our pleasure to give you interesting content.

Digging for news every week is a challenge, but we had our fair share this year. From false alarms (gun on campus) to strikes next door, we in the newspaper business had something to write about every week this year and that’s not always the case. #winning

The opinion section is a forum for the St. Thomas community — and anyone else who reads our paper — to represent the voice of the people. It was fantastic to get some comments and letters this year. We truly enjoy hearing from most of you, and I say most because some comments were just mean. You know who you are. But most were thoughtful and I urge you to continue. It’s not STU’s paper unless you share with us the gift of your words and opinions. Remember that for next year.

Most of the staff is graduating, so we have a whole new group for you. And to me, it looks like you have some good stuff coming. For those of you non-news types who are graduating, thanks for reading. We hope we brightened your university experience. For those of you staying, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA … we got you for another year.

Our news editor, MacKenzie Riley, has been named as the next Editor-in-Chief. Take the time to get to know her. You’ll like her, I promise, even though she’s American. I can say that. We’re friends.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. For the last time — damn, that means I need to take my title off Twitter — I say goodbye as the editor.

Ian Leblanc

Editor-in-Chief, 2013-14

From the incoming

Hello, my name is MacKenzie Riley and I’m next year’s Editor-in-Chief. I hail from the good old U.S. of A. and hope to bring you some diverse content for the Aquinian next year. I will be in my fourth year as a journalism and communications major.

After being news editor this year, I have a lot of experience and insight into what I want for next year. I love breaking news, and hope to keep you all as informed as possible. I have already chosen a great staff for the 2014-15 year. They are a diverse group of people who will make you laugh, cry and jump up and down next year.

I am really excited to be in this role and hope to give all of you readers something you enjoy. If you have any feedback on this year or ideas for next, please feel free to email me at or visit our Facebook and Twitter sites.

MacKenzie Riley

Editor-in-Chief, 2014-15

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