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Viola Pruss - Essential Credentials (Tom Bateman/AQ)

We live in a world that boasts exhibitionism. Movies, magazines, celebrities — everyone talks about sex. Yet, public displays of affection remain taboo.

Is it jealously of others’ happiness or fear of an uncomfortable, yet intriguing topic? In my opinion, the dislike of PDA is deeply rooted in our Christian heritage; a remainder of a time when couples couldn’t walk the streets holding hands without becoming the town’s talk – or the pastor’s favorite lecture.

Nowadays, we try to be open about sexuality and grinding at the local bar on a Saturday night is a common sight. So many of us indulge in articles on “How to blow his pants off” and “Learn to make your own breast implant in 10 days.”

Yet we keep our distance when seeing a couple kiss.

Affection is healthy. It keeps your soul and body stable, reduces stress and balances your hormones.

Deep passion for your partner can last a couple of years, but affection can last forever. PDA is a way of expressing love and keeping your relationship healthy.

And remember, there is a difference between PDA and foreplay.

We all know the kind of couple that is connected by a glistening string of saliva. Her face is covered in pimples, due to the bacteria packed moisture stuck to the side of her mouth. He walks like a stick, his erect penis uncomfortably rubbing against the side of his pants after groping every inch of her butt for the past half-hour. They are ignorant of their friends’ annoyed looks.

That’s not PDA. That’s petting in public.

Public displays of affection can be kissing, holding hands and hugs. Yet some people are afraid of going even that far. At times it takes me a couple of hours to figure out if a pair is dating.

I find that sad.

According to a BBC article, the maximum punishment for committing an “obscene act” in India is three months in prison (“obscene acts” include kissing). South Africa and Chile’s youth are protesting with “kiss-a-thons” for their right to express their love in public. The “developed” world shakes their heads and points fingers at this “backward” behavior.

But I wonder if we’re really that more cultured.

Look at us. We just crossed the line of adolescence, got rid of our pimples and understand that love is more than a quick hook-up at your friend’s high school party. We are beautiful, smart and in some of our best years.

I don’t ask you to reproduce, I ask you to show some affection. Be proud and confident in your relationships. Enjoy and learn from your youth. It won’t last forever.

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