End of semester blues

The first semester of this year is almost finished, and as Christmas break draws closer the work load becomes heavier. Unfortunately, as the number of classes dwindle, so do student ambition levels. Once the end of the semester is in sight our focus tends to shift from school to the upcoming holiday season.

Immediately following Halloween we are flooded with thoughts of Christmas – lights are hung, stores are full of holiday decorations, and holiday commercials are broadcast on TV and radio. These constant seasonal reminders draw on our emotions and make us anxious for what Christmas will bring. That excitement for the holidays is why many students lose ambition near the end of term.

The evidence is all over social media. Facebook status’ and tweets read things like “Is it Christmas break yet?,” “Only 2 assignments, 1 project, and 3 exams away from break!,” or “Just want to be home NOW.”

As student’s this can be the most challenging time of the year. School work is piling up and all we can think of is going home for the holidays. When you add athletics into that equation it becomes even more difficult. Trying to maintain focus on school and athletics, while battling stress and the desire to go home, is less than enjoyable. Completing the smallest assignments becomes tiresome and mentally engaging in practices becomes an uphill battle. It becomes a struggle to keep your mind on task and even the smallest distractions start affecting you.

To make it through until the end you have to buckle down and struggle through the lack of focus or ambition. Making small goals for yourself and being realistic about the amount of work you can get done will help with your attitude toward school. Athletics can be a good outlet, so do your best to value practice time and release any built up stress.

The end of the semester is an exciting time because it marks the beginning of a well deserved break. For three months we’ve been mentally and physically exerting ourselves and it’s beginning to take its toll.


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