Elephants Gerald a musical getaway

Emily McPhee/The AQ
Emily McPhee/The AQ

Need a vacation? Then throw on some Elephants Gerald, a new Fredericton band with a funky beat and melodic undertone who’ll  make you feel like you’re drinking from a coconut.

“We’re all just coming out of university right now so we’re kind of floating and waiting to grasp onto something, this is kind of vacation concept came about of kind of being able to get out of dodge,” said Scott Cuzner, drummer for the band.

The band’s snappy beat, combined with smooth, old school keyboard riffs and relaxed yet lively vocals makes originality number one for Elephants Gerald.

Members Laura Gallivan, Mike Sinclaire, Ian Malcom and Scott Cuzner were all fresh out of post-secondary pursuits when they decided to form the band.

When he moved to Fredericton, Cuzner checked out some of Malcolm’s solo electronic works, liked his stuff, and invited him for to jam.

“It was very open, very vague – we were just making each other laugh with music all day, and we knew there was something there.”

Sinclaire joined the brigade when he attended a party at Gallivan’s. Cuzner describes walking in, seeing Sinclaire playing the guitar, and thinking, “this flower child has got to be with us.”

“The reason why we go so well together is because we’re all kind of equally as weird,” said Sinclaire.

The band’s members all have strong musical backgrounds, with Gallivan on vocals, Sinclaire on bass, Malcolm on keys and Cuzner on drums.

“Chemistry is a really important thing and going up and seeing a band enjoy themselves is to me, more important than musical wankery. We’re serious enough to make good music but not too serious to have fun.”

The band played their first show to a full house  at the Cellar Pub on Nov. 7.

“We had random people coming up saying when you guys playing next? That makes you want to play more,” said Malcolm.

Gallivan thinks the support the band has received from other local musicians has been phenomenal and is excited for the future.

“If you know what you’re doing and you like what you’re doing then the enthusiasm follows.”







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