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Drennan does it all

In the St. Thomas University men’s soccer season opener, Josh Drennan scored the team’s first and only goal. What many fans didn’t know was that soccer isn’t the first sport that Drennan has played at STU.

“I love so many sports. It sounds like a lack of commitment,” said Drennan, laughing. “But it’s not. I just love them and can’t pick just one.”

The triple-sport athlete got his start playing basketball for St. Thomas. Before that he had been a practice player for Acadia University’s Axemen’s basketball team.

“It was tough. At any university sport you’ve got to be on top of your game,” said Drennan. “STU had a good bunch of guys. I got to know them pretty well and I got to play sometimes.”

The next year, Drennan made the switch to volleyball. He felt it was a great experience, as he was part of the rejuvenation of the volleyball program at St. Thomas. That year, Drennan and the team had some surprising success.

“When we won the ACAA championships as the underdogs, that was the top moment of my sports career.”

Drennan said the sport-to-sport transitions are difficult. He said the skills are different, since for volleyball and basketball it was more about hand-eye coordination, while soccer uses the feet. Growing up, he played many sports. Drennan used his athleticism to workhorse through some of the technical aspects where he was lacking.

After that season, Drennan had to take a year off from sports due to struggles academically. He went from spiking balls to hitting the books, and he hit the books hard.

“Going from being ineligible to play… to getting up over a 3.2 GPA and getting into the education program, I’m proud of myself.”

Now, Drennan makes sure to focus more on his marks than his skills on the field. He advises new players to learn from his story and put more focus on the work in classroom instead of sports.

“Sports were the only thing on my mind. I didn’t really think about school. You don’t really realize how important school is until you miss out on things because of your grades.”

Regardless of the academic struggles, Drennan overall has had a great experience.

“I’m super privileged and thankful to be on every team I’ve ever been on,” says Drennan.

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