Da Vinci College brings new opportunities for Fredericton students

The Centre for Arts and Technology in Fredericton goes by a new name now, and new, cheaper opportunities to compete with other post-secondary schools.

(Andrea Bárcenas/AQ)
(Andrea Bárcenas/AQ)

Da Vinci College is the new name after the recent buyout of both the Fredericton and Halifax campuses in July. The buy out is helping keep management more central, and helping make policies and communication at the campus more effective.

“The programs haven’t changed, but we have brought a lot more expertise in,” said Fredericton campus principal Christine Johnston.

The biggest change of the buyout is the new pricing in Da Vinci’s programs. Some programs are $5,000 to $7,000 dollars less than they were under the Centre For Arts and Technology.

“We wanted to lower the tuition rate so students could focus on academic success rather than the stress of living,” Johnston said.

Johnston says that with the change also comes more advice from program veterans on how students can set out in their careers.

Kelly Stokes is a student at the college and thinks the new industry professionals will help her gain more experience at the school.

“All the instructors have been working with the industry for years, they know it inside and out and can help gain insight on how to get jobs.”

Johnston said the college’s design program is working as an affiliate with UNB’s engineering program in order to create collaboration projects between students. Rather than try to compete, it might seem like they are trying to integrate with Fredericton’s existing post secondary programs.

“At first they were a bit timid working with each other, but then they started talking about each others process for solving problems,” Johnston said.

The college has also started a community connections program. With this program, non-profit organizations can request help from students to do things like filming or making documentaries.

“We want to help keep people in New Brunswick, give back to the community,” said Johnston.



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