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Car crash on campus

Emergency vehicles respond to a single-car crash on the UNB campus.

At least two people were injured when a car struck a lamppost at the corner of Duffie drive and Montgomery street in Fredericton.  The crash happened around midnight on the night of Sept. 17.

Front view of car damaged in crash. - Alex Solak/AQ

The purple, 4-door Mazda struck the metal and cement pole with enough force to tilt the entire structure.  The front of the car was wrapped around the pole.

Currently it’s believed there were three people in the car when it crashed.  Two were taken away in ambulances, one for injuries to their hand, and the other for shock.

After members of the Fredericton Police inspected the vehicle and its surroundings, the car was towed away.

Officers inspect the car before towing it away. - Alex Solak/AQ

The lamppost at the corner is dented, and is no longer functioning, so drivers should be very cautious around the corner at night until the streetlight is fixed.  Besides structural damage to the metal, the entire cement foundation of the lamppost was shifted several inches in the collision.

It’s unclear at this time what was the cause of the crash.

Map of car crash’s locations.

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