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Campus emergency alerts coming soon

The University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University will soon have a mass emergency notification system in place.

(Andrea Bárcenas/AQ)

“We have identified a supplier-vendor and are in the process of implementing and training people how to use the system,” said UNB security and traffic director Bruce Rogerson.

The system was originally expected to be in place in Oct. 2014. It was announced last school year after a suspicious person was seen on the STU campus talking about having a gun. Soon after, six Fredericton police cars covered STU’s upper and lower courtyards, people were in lockdown in classrooms and a man was arrested.

The man was later released without charges, but the incident led to talks of tighter security on campus.

Rogerson said the notification system provides another level of safety and security by communicating quickly so that students, staff and faculty aren’t put at risk by severe weather events or threats.

“STU and UNB are committed in ensuring people feel safe and secure in our joint and co-mingling campuses,” he said.

UNB Security, along with spokespeople at UNB and STU, will all be able to send out notifications.

The system, once implemented, will reach out to students via email and text message and through social media. The universities will register students to receive alerts using data they already have, so messages will be sent to phones and via email at first.

More security cameras also will eventually be added in public spaces ampon both the UNB and STU campus, according to Rogerson.

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