Bring Sainthood to the city

Canadian indie pop duo Tegan & Sara bring their sold out show to the Playhouse

Joanne Goodall – The Aquinian
In choosing the title for their latest album, Tegan and Sara jumped on the theme of Sainthood.  Sara said the name was inspired by a lyric from Leonard Cohen's "Came So Far For Beauty" (Warner Music)
In choosing the title for their latest album, Tegan and Sara jumped on the theme of Sainthood. Sara said the name was inspired by a lyric from Leonard Cohen's "Came So Far For Beauty" (Warner Music)

Their music has been pumping out of European and American headphones for years but the popularity of Albertan sisters, Tegan and Sara has gained more momentum in Canada with the release of their new album, Sainthood (2009).

And playing for a full house at Fredericton’s Playhouse, the indie-rock duo is looking forward to revisiting the city and to tour Canada once more.

“We are really excited,” Sara said. “We feel that it has been a long 10 years. And now, in most parts of Canada, the shows are already sold out. We are really grateful and it’s an amazing relief to know that there are going to be people in the crowd watching our show and enjoying what we do.”

Most people can relate to the themes sung on Tegan and Sara’s sixth album about love and relationships. The sisters chose the title “Sainthood” for their album after famous singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen’s lyrics “I practiced all my sainthood. I gave to one and all. But the rumours of my virtue, they moved her not at all”, from his song “Came So Far for Beauty”.

“We were really attracted to this idea of sainthood and its meaning and this idea of writing more about the self and less of the other person,” Sara said. “For us, the idea of practicing ones sainthood is about requited love, of the choice of being alone and waiting patiently for somebody, showing your devotion and making yourself attracted to someone and then maybe not getting it. The outcome is sometimes not what you want it to be.”

The sisters jumped right into the theme with their first single from Sainthood, touches on the frustration we go through after a break up and pondering the questions “Am I truly over it? Is it really time to move on? Am I ready to be single again?”

The simple things we do as humans to lure our lovers’ affection are what Tegan and Sara observe in their lyrics.

“Systemically we are sort of raised to think that we have to be monogamous, or with only one person,” Sara said. “Being devoted and co-dependent are something we value and condone but being independent, or wanting to be with more than one person, or maybe not seeing yourself as someone who will get married, are things that are institutionalized in our brains to be bad. I personally like thinking about these things as a single, late-20s woman.”

Both sisters value the connection they share with their audience during their live concerts. Audiences at the Playhouse can expect to not only hear their musical talent but also listen to their stories about travelling, friendship, and life.

“It is really neat to share to people our stories and to just chit chat. It’s nice to be able to go to different places and interact with the audience and to learn where they are coming from and to let them know where we are coming from,” Sara said. “Our show is this weird kind of hodgepodge of music, talking and storytelling. I hope we put on an accomplish show.”

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