Beaverbrook announces new front door

On Sept. 6, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery announced another expansion in time for their 60th anniversary.

The project will be the third and final phase of the Beaverbrook campaign, a donor-funded project for an enhanced and expanded version of the gallery.

The expansion will be called the Harrison McCain Pavillion. It will be the first public building memorializing McCain, co-founder of McCain Foods Limited, said Smart.

In a press release regarding the announcement, the gallery said the expansion will dramatically alter the landscape of downtown Fredericton.

“We are excited to embark on the next phase of our institution’s life,” said James Irving, chair of the gallery’s board of governors, in the same release.

The new additions follow previous expansions including an initial $1.8 million face lift in 2009, under the control of director and CEO, Tom Smart, as well as a substantial 14,000 square foot addition and redecoration of the gallery in 2017.

Smart said they want to add to the new interior and exterior of the building. The 10,000 square foot addition will run along the length of the building facing Queen Street. It will be a revamped wheelchair accessible entrance to the building and will have additional space for the gallery’s works.

Smart said he hopes this will make the space more welcoming and comforting.

“It’s for anybody who wants to come.”

Although a full design has yet to be made, Smart plans to have artwork visible from the moment people step into the gallery.

“There won’t be a long walk,” said Smart.

The institution celebrated their anniversary on Sept. 16. Smart that’s one of the main inspirations for the expansion.

“People want this institution to reflect what it means to be here today and to pass the torch for the next 60 years,” said Smart.

“It’ll reflect how people want to experience art, particularly the new generation.”

The team behind the project said they hope to “get the shovel in the ground” before the first snowfall this year and hope for the project to be finished by the end of next year.

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