Layering isn’t just for onions and ogres

When I wake up on cold winter mornings with the ceaseless blistering wind and the nasty you-could-freeze-to-death-today weather warnings, I start piling on the layers.

When you’re assaulted by snow, there really is no other choice. However, you don’t need to sacrifice warmth for fashion.

If the weather is as dreadful as described above, put on a pair of thermals or “long Johns” (how they acquired that name, I don’t know), underneath your outfit. If the thermals are too thick and don’t fit comfortably underneath your clothing, opt for nylons instead. Nylons are thinner and still manage to insulate your body from the cold.

If there is an area of your body that’s susceptible to getting cold, make sure to take extra caution and protect that area. My arms, for instance, tend to get colder than my legs. If I don’t feel like losing my arms, which I normally don’t on a given day, I make sure they’re well-covered with shirts and sweaters before heading outside. Similarly, if your neck is prone to the chills, invest in a neck-warmer and wrap a scarf around it for additional warmth (just don’t wrap it too tight).

When buying your winter boots, you should also buy a pair that’s big enough to fit your feet with two layers of socks. That way, you can place a thin cotton sock underneath a pair of thick work socks (the kind that sock monkeys are made of).

Wearing thin gloves underneath a pair of big mittens (and then shoving your now-oven-mitt hands in your pocket) helps keep your fingers from getting frostbite.

Focusing on many thin layers, rather than a few thick ones insulates you better. Besides, you can always strip off layers if you get too hot (which, in winter, is doubtful).

If you layer correctly, you’ll be a puffy, wobbling ball, ready to start the day. In style, of course.

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